Most people think, “Horses? How is that going to help?” but given the chance you can really learn a lot without realizing it.

It’s really amazing what you discover about yourself and your partner through the horses.

It had been difficult for me to accept friendly reminders in the past from family and friends, but with the horses I can think about many issues without bitterness swelling up.  Real life skills such as self-confidence, asking for help, teamwork, communication, enjoying a sense of accomplishment, removing distractions, accepting things out of my control, adaptability, patience, persistence, keeping things simple, and challenging my assumptions were all covered well while working with the horses.

This program has been a major part of building a great new life for myself.

It’s really amazing what you discover about yourself and your partner through the horses.

I’ve never had such fulfilling therapeutic treatment before this.  I love interacting with these horses.

Spending time with Donna, Pam and their horses has been the absolute highlight of my week.  I was surprised at just how much the horses reflected my own emotions which allowed me to look at myself in a different light.

Having the chance to connect with couples in a similar situation, knowing you are not alone, is a huge help.  Thank you!

...The group established a sense of trust, understanding, community and purpose for me. I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone who wants to better understand that there is help and people who care and who want to make a positive difference in your life!

The group has given me a purpose each week.  It was nice to come to a relaxing environment and work with other veterans who all share similar feelings of anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc and how everyone has evolved through life in a positive direction.  It built a sense of community.