Written Testimonial

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We were so touched to receive this written testimonial from one of our clients after his participation in an 8-session EAP group.  This is exactly why we do what we do…

“Spending time with Donna, Pam, and their horses Demi, Hanna, and Tappy, has been the absolute highlight of my week.  The beautiful landscape was very tranquil and the casual setting made it much easier for me to relax in group sessions.  I was surprised at just how much the horses reflected my own emotions which has allowed me to look at myself in a different light.
It had been difficult for me to accept friendly reminders in the past from family and friends, but with the horses, I can think about many issues without bitterness swelling up.  Real life skills such as self-confidence, asking for help, teamwork, communication, enjoying a sense of accomplishment, removing distractions, accepting things out of my control, adaptability, patience, persistence, keeping things simple, and challenging my assumptions were all covered while working with the horses.
My greatest insecurity had been the question of whether or not I could sustain any changes.  These sessions gave me the opportunity to put life changing skills into practice.  The Spirit Program has been a major part of building a great new life for myself.”

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